Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dear John Muir Reid enthusiasts,

It is with heavy hearts that we share with you the news of our father, John Muir Reid’s passing last month. He was a talented, dedicated artist, and one hell of a human being. While we miss him terribly already, we like to imagine he is somewhere beautiful right now, painting his next great masterpiece.

Outside of his family, nothing in this world brought our father more joy than his art. He discovered his love of painting later in life than most, and went at it with an energy that was inspiring to everyone around him. He spent countless hours in his studio creating work that really meant something to him, that he could be proud of. If his wife, Gayle, had allowed him to sleep in his studio, he probably would have!

Of course there is a commercial side to art – making a sale, locking in a commission, getting into the top shows – but that was never our father’s favorite part of the “job”. His favorite part was driving back after a show and imagining his paintings in your home, how and where you would hang them, what they made you think about, how his work made you feel. Whether he sold one painting or ten, it was always more about customer satisfaction, customer appreciation than commerce. He was truly an artist’s artist.

So, thank you for making our father’s creative life a rich one. Your support and admiration of his art made him a happier, more fulfilled man.

John’s daughters